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Meme on Chinese Balloon 🎈

I was inspired by the Chinese “NOT SPY” balloon to make a multi-pic meme or comic. The story is mine, but the original comic art is from American Born Chinese (graphic novel), by Gene Luen Yang.

Yes, Wire HANGERS!!!

Disaster struck, the apocalypse happened, or the SHTF… You’re safe (for now) and are taking stock of what’s in your home. It looks like you’ve got a good supply of the essentials, but notice there are several closets full of unused wire hangers. They’re leftovers from all the dry cleaning you’ve been using over the…

Survival Tool… A Towel?

In The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams, the most valuable piece of survival gear is a towel. The novel’s entry for towels can be found in the footnotes of this article[1]. In summary, the guide states that a towel can be used for: warmth, shade, defense, cushioning, as a sail, chemical warfare…

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