Comics from the Newspaper

I saw this in the comics section yesterday and thought to myself, I’d totally show up to the Aquarium near my home dressed up as a fisherman with a fishing pole in one hand and tackle in the other. I’m curious to find out what would happen.

  • Will I be turned away?
  • Will my fishing gear be confiscated and held for the duration of my stay?
  • Will I at least make people laugh?

This is a troubling image depicting the state of affairs in Afghanistan. US forces are withdrawing and leaving the locals defenseless in the face of religious fanatics[1]. If I was artistically inclined, I would have moved the mother and children  to the left a little had sketched in a group of stereotypical militants pointing guns at the soon-to-be victims. (Danziger)

[1] Don’t get me wrong, the United States of America has its own Christian fanatical extremists. I’ve met some of these groups and they are scary AF!


Danziger, J. (n.d.). Houston Chronicle. The Rutland Herald | Washington Post Writers Group, Houston.

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If you are the owner of the comics used above and have a citation concern, please reach out to me and provide a corrected citation. Similarly, contact me if you wish to have the image removed from my blog.

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