Ukrainian Super-soldier

Snapshot from my neighbor’s Newspaper, the Wall Street Journal đź“° . Seen February 24, 2022

Ukrainians have historically been lauded as the best super-soldiers in modern times and science fiction.

Take a moment to look at this image shot from my neighbor’s paper. I’ll admit that when first I looked, I saw this sexy AF soldier and wanted to be his anything…

However, this man does not look like he’s looking for a date. He looks worried as hell that he may not see tomorrow.

Ponder that as you arm-chair quarterback this war. Or worse, post memes like this description…[1] :

Sexy male tomb raider-style pic with caption: ‘This is me on the frontlines of Ukraine looking for my man’.

[1] Sorry, I spent hours looking for the meme on the 3 gay groups I’m a member of on Facebook. Unfortunately, I think my comment may have scared someone into either removing the post, or the author may have blocked me instead of addressing the issue.

Russia is still the Soviet Union

Photo by Pixabay on

I sometimes refer to Russia as the Soviet Union if the subject of a conversation changes to that country or to regional politics related to Russia. I’ve been asked a couple times why, or if I knew that the Soviet Union collapsed 3 decades ago. In response, I tell the person that I may be more aware of the political situation and history of that country than they are. I then recite an amended version of the duck test:

  1. The military’s field uniforms (not pictured above) haven’t changed much when compared to the former Soviet uniforms.
  2. The national anthem sounds pretty much the same and shares the same melody, but has different wording in some places.
  3. They have a “President” who has been in power for 2 decades (that puppet, Medvedev, doesn’t count).

Think about it:

  • If it looks like a soviet-duck…
  • If it sounds like a soviet-duck…
  • If it acts like a soviet-duck…

That may just be a soviet-duck, comrade.

Most often than not, people find my observation to be a funny (yet accurate) representation of the country and the actions of their leader.