Ukrainian Super-soldier

Snapshot from my neighbor’s Newspaper, the Wall Street Journal 📰 . Seen February 24, 2022

This post was inspired by my outrage that someone thought it was funny to post a meme of a sexy male soldier, wearing a Tomb Raider styled outfit, with text stating:

‘This is me on the frontlines of Ukraine looking for my man’.

I commented at how inappropriate the post was when I saw it in my Facebook feed. I should have saved the image or took a screenshot of it, but didn’t think I’d be so outraged at the post that it inspired me to create a related post on my website.

I spent hours looking for the meme on the 3 gay groups on Facebook I subscribe to. Unfortunately, I think my comment may have scared someone into either removing the post, or the author may have blocked me instead of addressing the issue.

Science fiction has historically lauded Ukrainians as the best super-soldiers. Take a moment to look at this image shot from my neighbor’s paper. I’ll admit that when first I looked at the photo, I saw a sexy soldier. But as I looked deeper and studied the image, I understood:  

  • This man is not looking for a date.
  • This man appears to be preparing to defend his homeland.
  • This man looks concerned that he may not see tomorrow.

Ponder that before you arm-chair quarterback this war. Ponder that before posting memes like the one that inspired this post.

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