Intro to the New Writer

Hello Reader:

I’m Patrick, a tanned “white” male millennial living in the roaring 20s. Let’s start by getting one thing straight… I am very “queer”. I’m so weird, other odd people think I’m strange or “special”. I’m that weirdo who sits at a bar and writes a chapter in one of my books or an opinion article about something I saw on the Book of Faces (Facebook).

I love playing with words! I sometimes splice a couple words together to make a conversation fun. For example, a word I spliced in my early 20s is “masterdebate”, which is defined as a very intense debate with myself or another person. I especially like it because if spoken to someone who is caught off-guard, the reaction can be priceless. It sounds like the other “intense” situation many people have with themselves.

I can’t help that I tend to look at things from a different perspective than most people.

Hobbies or things I like?

My life tends to be centered around my 4 likes: reading, writing, bicycling, and playing videogames. Although, I think reading and writing are my two top favorites.

I read many types of books, but my favorite genre is military science fiction. My love of Sci-Fi is followed by lectures from “The Great Courses”. Some could argue those two favs are polar opposites, but I can read an “Honor Harrington” book and easily switch to learning about medieval Europe.

My love of writing started when I was forced to learn how to write essays during 5th Grade, at rural Barber’s Hill Intermediate School. I guess I really started to enjoy writing when my family moved to Humble, Texas and I was more advanced than the other kids.

It’s always been easy for me to put words to paper. I’ve been blessed with a good muse and oftentimes submitted the first draft of college essay assignments, with the expectation of getting an “A” (or maybe a “B”).

With that said, I’d like to clarify that I know for a fact that I’m DEFINITELY NOT the best writer in the world. No single person can be the best writer because opinions and points of view are always differing or changing.

The books I’ve been writing recently are autobiographical. I’ve sent 2 to the copyright office already, but I’m sure you know how difficult publishing a book is. I’m also working on a science fiction book. I’ve been working on that since I was in my teens. It’s a shame I can’t get access to those few chapters saved in my 3.5” floppy disk (if you’re young, a 3.5” floppy looks like the “save” symbol).

I like all words, even profanity. My great grandmother taught me every 4-letter word I know, and I’ll use them if a particular subject or story can be livened with the occasional spicy word.

What don’t I like?

There are two things I strongly dislike equally: canned asparagus and talking.

Canned Asparagus

I hate canned asparagus because they took a vegetable that’s only good served a few ways, and then put it in a can to become mushy and tasteless.


I’ve been known to say, “I’m not a socialist, because I hate socializing.”

I don’t necessarily think being classified as being physically introverted should be a bad thing. I simply don’t enjoy spending time on idle and nonproductive chit-chat. The times I do talk, the person I’m communicating with acts like I’m speaking in a different language. When I speak to a waiter or someone else taking an order, they tend to look at me like I’ve got a plastic bag over my face (and this has been happening long before Covid).

Simmer down. Simmer down. At least I become a better conversationalist after my second cocktail.

In Closing

I previously mentioned that I’m living in the roaring 20s. When I say roaring, I mean everyone seems to be ranting and raving about something. I’m not going to promise that I won’t rant in this blog. Afterall, I just had a mini-rant about mushy asparagus and talking. But when I do rant about a subject, I hope it’s done sensibly, and my words provide logical reasoning.

I will always write about a subject as honestly as current data and facts will allow.

Recall when I declared that I’m queer or odd? I also happen to be gay as well. I simply don’t let my sexuality define me as a person and dictate how I interact with the world. Many people would be surprised that a gay male isn’t a Democrat or Liberal. I’m not a exactly a Republican either.

I’m an Independent. Yes, there is such a thing as being able to vote for both social justice AND for the economy and the security of the nation.

With all that said, let’s commence with the stories, life events, and opinions.

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